The Kingdom of Peningshir occupies some 22,500 square miles (58, 275 sq. km) with a population approaching 550,000. Stretching from the Old Kingdom River in the north, to the Timiro border on the west and encompassing the White Rock Mountains in the South, Peningshir holds the largest land area of any single kingdom in the Eastern Territory. That having been said, much of that land is inhospitable, rocky or mountainous, and the kingdom borders the hostile Old Kingdom and monster-filled Wyndglade Marsh, making it a troubled region. The arrogance of the noble families, constant infighting and disparity between the wealthy and the poor who serve them, make the kingdom a volatile hotbed of intrigue and unrest.

Peningshir is divided into many noble estates, each owned by a lesser member of the family or a trusted retainer who owes fealty to the Custodian of the Ivory Throne, currently King Edmund Penington. However, far from staying on their lands to attend to their own business, many of the Lords and Ladies stay at the Palace of the East near the King, ever hopeful of gaining more land and influence at court. A series of roads known as the King’s Highway, connects all the most important cities, towns and villages and is the safest, fastest and easiest route of travel throughout the region.

City Of Peningshir
A member of the Domain of Man.
Population: 61,000
Major Temples:
Church of Light and Dark
Ruler: King Edmund Penington
Flag: A silver sword cleaving a black sphere, all on a green field.

Peningshir is a traditional looking, medieval city of stone and wood, of history and decline. The city is found at the feet of the Eastern Territory and has been part of the rise of the Domain of Man. It was the effort and blood of Sir Aaron Penington against the Blood Eye Orcish horde and other barbarians from the Old Kingdom which was able to gouge a foothold in the (then) badlands of the Eastern Territory and defeat subsequent barbarian and monster attacks to build a kingdom. The bards sing, if the weathered stones could speak they would tell of love and loss, of kingdoms won and heroes fallen. As one of the oldest cities in the Eastern Territory, Peningshir has deep roots indeed. The quality masonry and richly decorated stonework is considered some of the finest examples of early Eastern architecture. The roofs, unlike most in the south, are constructed of slate. Many windows still contain the brightly colored glass that once made the city such a bright and colorful place. Sadly, the death of the great warrior King Aaron Penington saw the noble families fall to discord and with them, the kingdom and the city’s glory days. Once, Peningshir was the jewel of the East, but no more. Nearly all of the most talented craftsmen and merchants have moved to the boom towns of the north or the free lands of the Groff Estates. The people who remain are either the wealthy nobles who hold the land and reap its greatest benefits or those who have lived here for generations

Player Info
Our adventure started in the city of Peningshir.


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