Hemly Grimhammer RETIERD

4ft 3in Tall. Red Hair. Beard with braided mustache to the waist. Massive scar down the right side of his face. Gruff, no non-sense attitude and self reliant.


Name: Hemly Grimhammer Player: Jeff Dudley

SDC: 62 HP: 21 Pull Punch: +3
Roll\PFT: +3
Perry\Dodge: +2
Horror: +3
IQ: 13 Magic: +1
ME: 14 Possession: +2
MA: 11
PS: 25 SPD: 24
PP: 10 Dig: 5
PE: 17
PB: 6

OCC Skills: OCC Related Skills:

Climb\Scale Walls: 50% Sign Language: Had this blank for some reason
Athletics (General) Detect Ambush: 35%
Language: Native 98% Detect Concealment\Traps: 30%
Wilderness Survival: 40% Field Armorer: 75%
W.P. Shield Recognize Weapon Quality: 40%
W.P. Sword Pick Locks: 30%
W.P. Paired Weapons (Battle Ax) Land Navigation: 35%
Hand to Hand (Expert) W.P. Crossbow
Language: W.P. Thrown Weapons

Secondary Skills: Special:

Body Building 90ft Dark-vision
Running Underground Tunneling: 40%
Wrestling Architecture (Underground): 30%
Since Direction (Underground): 40%
Recognize Metals: 10%


Clothing (2 Sets), Boots, Gloves, Belt, Bedroll, Backpack, Large Sack (2), Small Sack(2), Waterskin, Tinderbox


Chain (A.R.: 14 S.D.C.: 44)


Shield, Longsword, Dwarven Ax (+3 Damage), Cross Bow (Bolts: 30), 125 gold

Tall, for a dwarf, Hemly looks like the hard life he has lead. Massive scar on his face, unkempt red hair, but his beard and mustache is beautifully taken care of, fortunately he keeps his hair under his healm most of the time. Not very talkative, and only speaking when he feels like he has something important to say. He tends to be gruff, even for a dwarf, and short tempered when pressed. He does not trust easy, but once he labels someone as friend, he would sacrifice himself for their safety with out thought or remorse.


(I will not enter specific names of towns or cities because of lack of knowledge of them. Please pick an appropriate location for my {Insert Name} entries)

Hemly was born in the Ironhart stronghold in the eastern tip of the old kingdom mountains. One of the last dwarven clans to draw their roots to the old kingdom. He was born to a moderately wealthy family that was quickly rising in the social structure. A rival clan, the Flintforge Clan (Many considered city dwarfs), envied the status of the Grimhammer Clan.

The Flintforge clan arranged a marriage of Hemly’s older sister in what appeared to be a merging of the two clans. The Flintforge Clan brought to the table a healthy respect of the elders for their ancient family name, and the Grimhammer had holdings and wealth. Grimhammer saw the marriage as a way to increase their stature, but the Flintforge Clan had other plans.

By the time Hemly was born, Killoric Flintforge, the husband of Orlana, Hemly’s sister, had moved to the top of the family and was trusted with most of the holdings. Many of the Grimhammer were upset with the family letting an outsider have so much influence in the family, but Killoric had used lies and trickery to firmly cement his hold. In a vile act of treachery, Killoric murdered Orlana and moved to pin it on Hemly, at the time a youth who had not yet completed his right of passage so was not considered a member of the clan.

Hemly was arrested and sentience to death, but, for his own amusement, Killoric disfigured Hemly with a viscous scar on his face so he could not be recognized and through him in a pit in the family mine. There Killoric keep him alive, if just barley, and would come to gloat at him regularly and force Hemly to beg for food and water. Of course, this was keep a secret, for with the death of Orlana, Hemly was now the true are of the families holdings.

Hemly’s Father, stricken with grief over the death of his son, and the apparent treachery of his son, fell ill and eventually died from remorse. Hemly’s mother, who never believed the charges, struggled diligently for years, in secret for Killoric had her watched closely, to find the truth. Through out the 4 years that Hemly barley held on to life in the darkness of the mine, his mothers spies found out about her son and moved to have him rescued. It took another 2 years of maneuvering to find a way to free her son.

She arranged, in secret, to have the mercenary company Bloodravins, infiltrate the mine and rescue her son. She was unable to see him or meet with him, but she sent a cryptic message with his rescuers explaining what she has discovered, and that she still worked to find the evidence of his innocents.

With the Bloodravins Hemly flourished. Focusing his anger, hatred and thirst for vengeance into his training, Hemly became hard and determined to free his Clan from the grip that the Flintforge had on his family.

The Bloodravins began an expatiation into the east. Seeing an opportunity to increase his own wealth, power and influence, Hemly volunteered to help with the expansion and went east.

At first the move to the east was going well, but then tragedy. The Bloodravins were involved with a crushing defeat were they lost almost 80% of their holdings in the east, and their base of operations was sent reeling from the crushing blow they had sunk almost all their coffer into. The Bloodravins decided to pullout of their expansion project, but Hemly decided to stay because of the anonymity he could work with so far from his home, and continue to build his wealth so that someday, he can return, clear his name and take his rightful place in his clan.

Hemly Grimhammer RETIERD

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