Flapjack "Flak" Puddlebum RETIERD


Name: Flak (Flapjack Puddlebum) -A name meant to mock him.
Height: 3’4"
Weight: 85 lbs
Age: 17 years old
Alignment: Scrupulous

Flak is a goblin. An unusually kind goblin. He loves to meet new people and is naturally inquisitive, which leads him into trouble from time to time. He enjoys good food, fun times, and traveling, although he does hope to settle down one day. Flak knows that humans and their allies hate him, but he hopes to prove himself useful, perhaps even setting an example for other goblins to follow.


IQ: 11
ME: 13
MA: 5
PS: 15
PP: 21
PE: 10
PB: 8
Spd: 25
Dig: 3
HP: 20
SDC: 27
PPE: 46
ISP: 63


-Gobberly 98%
-Eastern 60+5%
-Elvin 60+5%

-Eastern 30+5%

-Demons/Monsters 40+5%
-Magic 40+5%
-Faerie Folk 40+5%
-Geomancy/LeyLine 40+5%

Basic Math 70+5%
Land Nav 44+4%
Dowsing 30+5%
Cooking 35+5%
Prowl 30+5%
Swim 45+5%
Animal Husbandry 50+5%

Tunneling 35+5%
UG Architecture 15+5%
UG Sense Dir. 25/15+5%

HtH Basic

WP Knife
WP Targeting


Attacks: 5/round
Strike: +3
Parry: +7
Dodge: +7
Roll: +3
Pull: +2

Spell Strength: 12

Save vs: Faerie magic: +2
Horror Factor: +4
Mind Control: +2
Possession: +4

-Globe of Daylight
-Sense Magic
-Cloud of Smoke
-Blinding Flash
-Extinguish Fire

-Sense Evil
-Sixth Sense
-Mind Block
-See Aura
-Healing Touch


Flak was born in a small goblin community in the Old Kingdom, near the river separating it from human controlled lands of the Tegyn Peninsula. It is of course not uncommon for those goblins to cause mischief in those lands.

Given Flak’s natural gifts (he is a psi-mystic) he would be a natural to someday be one of the leaders of this little band of goblins. There is one problem. Flak does not share their goals of laziness and petty thievery. He was always an embarrassment for his family, an outcast of his own people, not participating in the random acts of cruelly or mayhem (hence his ridiculous name).

A few events caused him to decide to leave his village. The first being the Elvin scholar that was imprisoned and mistreated in his village (this elf was captured while exploring the Old Kingdom). Klak did his best to feed and care for this elf, learning his language and some of the knowledge that he held, but eventually the elf was killed for amusement by Klak’s cousins. Klak laments that he could do nothing to save him.

The second was the vision he had, showing him a village of goblins tending to fields, raising animals, and even trading with humans! Klak has no idea how this could be, but the next part of his vision, showing him the human warrior that would show him this way of life, led Klak to leave his home, vowing to return and teach them a new life, and so he ventured into the human lands…

Flapjack "Flak" Puddlebum RETIERD

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